Kelly A. Hoey

Professional Statement

As a Communication Studies and Digital Media professional, I strive to assist in developing content that allows people to learn more about certain areas of digital media. I hope to gain more knowledge and experience about topics that were taught to me during my time studying Communications. I hope to make an impact professionally throughout the Communications field, whether it be through Public Relations or Marketing. I hope to bring theories learned, to everyday life through using core beliefs about life and bringing them into my professional life. Collaboration is a big core value of mine, I strive to be able to work with others and create meaningful content that can be used for a positive purpose. I hope to prove that work can be equally challenging as well as rewarding and fun. I strive to be a successful communicator in an environment where communication is constantly changing. Lastly I hope to impact others in positive ways through my communication efforts, and influence future Communication and Digital Media professionals.

Through my work I hope to reach others, and make a change in the world. Non-profit work ideally would be a passion of mine. As well as to help others in need of help, using my background in the Communications & Digital Media field.We are all communicators, we should use our abilities for positivity and growth.

Here is a piece of my work to visually show what I mean:

The DePaul Catholic School: Thank You, Teachers! from SJU COM on Vimeo.


Professional Experience

Dr. Narayana Byagari, M.D.

Medical Assistant


Community Service & Extracurricular Activities

Weekly Service



Appalachian Experience:APEX



Saint Joseph's University Womens Rowing Team



Communications Club



Transfer Orientation Leader